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2012A few weeks ago CNN released an interesting list of "faith based predictions" for 2012. They asked experts in the area of religious studies, faith leaders and even a secular humanist what they expect to see happen in the area of faith and belief in this new year. Though we certainly do not have to agree with everyone's opinions, namely the opinions of those who have yet to confess the name of Jesus, it is still important for us to take the time to hear them out. At the very least, we will come to better understand those whom we desire to reach, the way the perceive the world, and importantly, the way they perceive us Christians. And, perhaps in the process of open dialogue we will learn something ourselves.


Over the next few days I will be  posting some of CNN's "predictions" though I encourage you to read the article for yourself here.



CNN's Faith Based Predictions: Number 6


There's no question the worldview of most younger Christians already differs from previous generations regarding social justice, cultural engagement and politics. The next issue of probable divergence? The conflict in Israel and Palestine. The American church has largely purported just one theology about the modern state of Israel, but now questions are being asked -- especially by younger Christians learning of persecution and human rights issues happening in the region -- if the church should have a more active role in peacemaking. Is there a way for the Church to be pro-Israel, pro-Palestine and pro-peace?


--Cameron Strang, publisher of RELEVANT magazine

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