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"Faith Seeking Understanding;

Understanding Seeking Embodiment."


Jon Slack

I am a world-travelling, God loving, mission focused, culturally confused Kiwi (AKA a New Zealander). At present my beautiful wife Mari and I live in Christchurch, New Zealand where I am a full-time, over working Masters student of theology.


My purpose in life is to train and equip disciples who will go out and engage with God, embracing his visions for the world. I am about training practitioners, not just theorists; thinkers, not just naive believers; passionate world-changers, not just those who know how to go through the motions and say the right stuff. I want to see young followers of Christ learn to add to their faith, knowledge, and to learn to embody this knowledge as they grow in faith, hope and love.


To this end, this site is aimed at supplying followers of Christ with various musings and ideas to provoke though and inspire faith. My hope is that people will be encouraged to dig deeper and wrestle with questions for themselves in an informed, gracious, and open way. As I have a heart for the ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), this site will also resource YWAM students and staff as they pursue the life of faith, and will serve to inform people such a YWAM DTS leaders how I can be of service to them (see 'About').


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Upcoming book by Bob Robinson Bob Robinson, a lecturer of mine and a world leader in the field of Christians encountering Hindus, has written an amazing book which will hopefully be released within the next few months. It is about Jesus' encounter with Gentiles and Samaritans and the implications these encounters have for Christ... Read more
Cape Town: Russell Tribunal on Palestine This month the Russell Tribunal on Palestine will hold a session in Cape Town, asking whether or not Israel has been guilty of the crime of apartheid in its treatment of Palestinians.   Some have challenged the idea of referring to Israel today as an apartheid state. Personally, as someone who ... Read more
YWAM's Global Forum and Eschatology In some areas in YWAM there seems to be a growing push (internally or externally, I don't quite know) towards certain narrow understandings on the 'end times.' Well, the truth is there are many valid ways of understanding eschatology - some better than others - and it goes against YWAM's very DNA ... Read more
The Kairos Document Here is an important document penned by a number of Palestinian Christian leaders calling for justice in the middle east. When I get the time I will identify significant portions of the document, as well as note why this document is something all Christians in our contemporary world need to listenin... Read more
How foolish are we? I've spent a good amount of time wrestling with a particular approach to theology and Scripture I find incredibly problematic. A friend sent me this image which I think sums up the problem nicely. It seems we so easily (and arrogantly) forget how much we are influenced by those who have gone before ... Read more
Taking a stand For a long time now an issue has been brewing in my heart and its about time that I take a stand and start speaking up for what I believe in. I'm not going to claim to have all the answers, but I'm now convinced that Christian Zionism is a bankrupt teaching that has and will lead many to get distrac... Read more
SDTS 2011 We just spent a week with the latest Snowboarders Discipleship Training School in Oxford, NZ. We taught for a couple of days, and it was a great time for all! The highlight for us were the improvised "hearing God training sessions" during which God made it as clear as possible that he really does... Read more
Latest content
Christ tribes: Decisions that Define us I first heard the following recited by Graham Cooke and it really resonates with what I believe we, as the Church, are called to be. It is a... Read more
A review of "The Controversy of Zion..." Below is a well-written, carefully thought out guest-post from Jesse Zaplatynskyj reviewing Dalton Lifsey's The Controversy of Zion and th... Read more
Christ-tribes: Anabaptism A group that I've become increasingly curious about is that of the Anabaptists, a movement that originated around the time of the reformatio... Read more
The Nazareth Manifesto: An Exegetical Essay of Luke 4:14-30 In Luke 4:14-30, Luke’s first portrayal of Jesus’ public ministry, Jesus announces that the time of God’s favour is at hand, that he is to f... Read more
Christ-tribes: the Vineyard movement The more I reflect, the more I discover that everything in me resonates with the Vineyard movement, founded by John Wimber. There is somethi... Read more
Wimber Wisdom John Wimber, founder of the Vineyard movement, is a bit of a hero of mine. In fact, the more I think of it, the more I realize that at my ... Read more
Retaliation in the Sermon on the Mount “Only when the church renounces the way of violence will people see what the Gospel means, because then they will see the way of Jesus ree... Read more
The Goodness of Singleness Scot McKnight has posted some useful thoughts on singleness that I thought were worth reproducing here. I totally agree that we need to see ... Read more
A Biblical Theology of the Presence of God Those who have lost loved ones are aware that nothing can take the place of someone’s presence. Though memories, photographs and reminiscing... Read more